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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth DLC Detailed

  • Posted on 10 September 15 at 13:17
    Shit shit shit.
    There goes my completion...angry
  • AFatalTouchAFatalTouch441,822
    Posted on 10 September 15 at 15:40
    I've been waiting for this for what feels like a very, very long time. One of my absolute favorite games in most recent times, and I personally can't wait for this. Hoping this comes with new trophies too!

    Also, for anyone reading that hasn't done The Lost yet, with this update The Lost is getting the D6 and spectral tears, to make it easier on the player. :)
  • NuPhoenixXNuPhoenixX95,693
    Posted on 10 September 15 at 15:50
    I've been waiting on this DLC to pick up the game again. So stoked that it's now this close!
  • Slayer1189Slayer11891,010,885
    Posted on 10 September 15 at 17:08
    This is gonna be awesome.

    Whatever is added to the lost should be a real challenge, the rest will just be damned fun :D
  • Harris59Harris59975,404
    Posted on 11 September 15 at 00:19
    Yes! YES! YES!

    I'm running out of YES's, someone help me.

    Can't wait!
    We all serve one master, one king... And his name, is gaming, forever may he reign!
  • MythDarKMythDarK141,031
    Posted on 13 September 15 at 08:51
    Rick_Nya said:Shit shit shit.
    There goes my completion...angry
    Or you could turn it around and think "Yes yes yes, more content for this entertaining masterpiece." =)
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