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North America PSN Flash Sale: June 26th, 2015

  • PunkyliarPunkyliar108,760
  • Posted on 27 June 15 at 20:01
    Picked up two titles for my new Vita! :)
    Nobody but you...
  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91461,643
    Posted on 27 June 15 at 20:50
    Wow, only 5 dollars for a lego game?? Time to top up my yank account again laugh
  • TTDog666TTDog666203,085
    Posted on 27 June 15 at 21:53
    Just in time to try out my new US account... Bound By Flame is currently listed at £34.99 on the UK store.
  • ArmyVaultArmyVault297,709
    Posted on 28 June 15 at 00:09
    There are a couple of really good deals here but I must show restraint and not add more to my pile.
  • strifekunstrifekun222,654
    Posted on 28 June 15 at 04:38
    Hey, some Vita titles I want. Might actually partake in this sale.
  • TheTrueHMDTheTrueHMD122,273
    Posted on 28 June 15 at 05:55
    Sweet I was waiting and hoping SAO would go on sale. My patience was was rewarded!
  • AFatalTouchAFatalTouch568,401
    Posted on 29 June 15 at 11:15
    I would grab a bunch of the Vita games if I could, so much cheaper than in the EU, or in stores here. Sad I have to miss out on those >.<
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