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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Shows Off New Trailer

  • ShinUkyoShinUkyo103,387
    Posted on 24 June 15 at 00:04
    This actually releases very soon; it snuck up on me.

    The US version releases on 30 June (one week away!)
    The EU version releases on 28 August (still not bad; two months after)

    The English dubs in the trailer make my ears bleed, haha (the bad acting doesn't have the same charm as EDF. Since, in this case, it's not bad on purpose.) Thankfully this release contains both the original Japanese audio and the English dubs. As should any game in this day and age, short of licensing issues; then you can enjoy it how you wish. So much hack'n slash fun to be had; can't wait.
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