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On-site Text Editor Improvements

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    Posted on 16 June 15 at 11:50Permalink
    Hey all,
    Along with the recent changes, the Devs and the Walkthrough Team worked on our on-site editor as well. The list below contains all improvements and are as following:

    - The toolbar should now always show at the top of your editing. This should make it easier for all of you to add achievement links, images, and so on; but is also helpful when formatting.

    - The "Cancel"-button now undoes all changes and takes you back to the page where you can select a page to start editing. Before the update, the "Cancel"-button did undo all changes, but you had to click "Save" to leave the editor.

    - Editors now also have the ability to add, rename and delete pages of "In Progress" walkthroughs. Previously only the owner (and obviously the overseer) could do that, but we made it so that the cooperation between owner and editor isn't interrupted by that small obstacle.

    - An auto-save function is now available as well. A lot of the times, you close tabs by accident or the browser decided to crash which removes all your work. With this new function, every edit is saved every 30 seconds. There was a massive demand for this one, and I'm happy to announce that Rich and the developers made this happen.

    - We also have a new feature, which I was ranked at the top of my personal wishlist: hyperlinking within walkthroughs. My Borderlands 2 walkthrough currently has a lot of text, and an easy way to redirect users to a specific part (mission or area) would be the ability to have a table of contents where the user could click on to go to that specific part of the walkthrough. The "Anchor" button allows writers to just do that, and it should make it easier for the people using a walkthrough. It's only available on the same page, and this is very easily done by following these steps:

    * Click next to the text you want to have "linked" and click the small "Anchor" symbol (next to "Cancel"). Name your anchor to that specific part of your walkthrough and click OK. In the example below, I started a Table of Contents on my Borderlands 2 walkthrough and named the anchors to the mission names.
    * Select the text where you want to link and click "Insert/edit link". This will open a new window, in which you can select the anchor you just created. If you click on it, the URL field will automatically get that name.
    * Hit OK again and you are done. Nice & simple! smile


    - Another thing we've tried to push was coloured text. After some discussing, we've came to the point that due to the site consistency we wouldn't be able to implement that and seeing as it would only apply to walkthroughs; it would be a waste of time. Rich proposed the warning- and infoboxes, which would allow readers to pay more attention to certain things like easter eggs that should be experienced, missable collectables, etc. ... Using the image below, the writer will be able to highlight certain things more easily and recognizable; and it does add some more choices when going for a certain formatting setting.
    Note: Please replace { } with [ ]{warningmessage}TEXT{/warningmessage} will show a warningbox as shown on this walkthrough-page.

    {infomessage}TEXT{/infomessage} will show an info box as shown on this walkthrough-page.

    - As a last note, I also want to mention that the right-click menu the editor was previously using is now disabled. There was a massive demand of more formatting issues, where the Cut/Copy/Paste was mostly requested. Since that has been disabled, the right-click menu your browser is using should pop up now which opens a window of options. One thing is auto-correcting words, another is the option to Copy/Paste text, and any add-ons you've installed on your browser will be able to run as well.

    Together with you, as the community, and the developers we are continually forcing updates on the way we are currently working. Should you have any concern, please let us know by sending me a Private Message or post on this thread. As you can probably tell, we take community requests serious at any given point and I can personally assure you that not one is missed during our discussions.

    Thanks for your time,
    MC0REBE, TA Walkthrough Manager - TT Walkthrough Assistant Manager
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