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Information Posted on 28 July 13 at 13:17
Say hello to the other members of "TT Public Beta Members" in this thread
Posted on 03 August 13 at 23:09
Hello all...finally got my beta key today smile Used TA back when I played 360, glad there's now a similar site for trophy hunters. Looking forward to meeting other site members. Feel free to add me as a friend, enjoy seeing what other gamers are up to smile
Finish what you start.
Posted on 12 August 13 at 20:28
O hai there. Feel free to add me :3. Having a crowded friend feed is a lot of fun and maybe we can help each other out with some trophies!
Posted on 13 August 13 at 16:18
Hello all...Was Cowboy Bucket on TA back when I played 360..
Posted on 14 August 13 at 17:37
Hey everyone. Feel free to send me a friend request here on TT or PSN.
Posted on 23 August 13 at 17:54
Posted on 28 August 13 at 15:11, Edited on 28 August 13 at 15:12 by Sebastian-SB
My name is Keith and my mission is to stay on top of my PS3 backlog in a way I never fully did on Steam or my 360. I want to have completed or at least beaten the vast majority of my games on this console before picking up new ones. I'd love to go full on completionist but I'm unwilling to pass up on neat games just because their achievements might be too hard. So far I've been emphasizing sony exclusive titles and sandbox games, the latter of which is probably my favorite genre to go achievement hunting in because you can usually pick up everything you've missed in the post-game free roam.

I am also one half of a growing let's play channel where two people play games together.

Feel free to add me. I have no idea what the friends cap is on PSN but I can't be anywhere near it.
Posted on 13 September 13 at 21:00
Hey Everyone! Now that TT is here its time to get my completion % more on par with my 360! Feel free to send me a friend request here, TA, PSN or on live!
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