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Europe - January Sale Right Now

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

  • Posted on 08 January 15 at 00:00
    This is just some of the sale, part 2. Part 1 sales are ongoing until Jan 21st also unless stated
  • Posted on 08 January 15 at 06:35
    Well, I bought the nidhogg bundle and only the PS4 game is in my download list and after buing I cant add the Vita one to my queue... neat, always have problems buying stuff :/
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  • Posted on 08 January 15 at 12:43
    Might join the Golf Club.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 08 January 15 at 13:06
    I got Styx, Hohokum and Unfinished Swan.

    I was eyeing Styx a few weeks ago when it went on sale (Black Friday - € 17,99 plus 20% PS+ discount makes for € 14,39), back then I figured it would be even cheaper soon. Turns out € 11,69 (or € 2.70 more discounted than the previous sale) was enough of a sale for me to finally click on buy when it was in my shopping cart.

    I've been eyeing Hohokum and Unfinished Swan since they have been released (I was even following Unfinished Swan since early on in the production process, at the time I was very angry when it became a Sony exclusive) but I kept figuring that the price was too high for either, they gave me the feeling that they should be along the € 8 price tag. Very glad to get them for this price, and I won't feel disappointed if at one time they become PS+ free games.
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  • DMC_FanDMC_Fan100,054
    Posted on 08 January 15 at 15:21
    cant make up me mind to get Tears to Tiara ? Heir of the Overlord or not?
  • Posted on 08 January 15 at 16:02, Edited on 08 January 15 at 16:03 by Jugoslav_Jelash
    I bough Tears 2 a month ago (when it was 40 euros) and I think it was worth the money. So... yeah, buy it.

    I'll probably get meself Xillia and MGS Ground Zeroes.
  • ZvetikiZvetiki433,520
    Posted on 08 January 15 at 18:04
    Tales of Graces f is available as a "Knight Edition", including several DLCs which apparently ease leveling and provide additional resources. Are these bonuses useful to have, or is it the sort of stuff that you really don't need anyway?

    (I'm asking because I have the disc version sitting on my shelf, so the DLCs are the only thing I'd get from that bundle.)
  • Posted on 08 January 15 at 18:35
    I, too, have a disc version of Graces f; believe me when I say you don't need those DLCs. The game is actually really easy. (I have a platinum trophy, so...)
  • McVexyMcVexy121,226
    Posted on 10 January 15 at 12:56, Edited on 10 January 15 at 12:56 by McVexy
    Not a bad sale, actually. I usually can't justify buying from the store as I can almost always find it cheaper elsewhere, but I grabbed a few.

    Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3, Bayonetta and MGS: Ground Zeroes.

    Bayonetta and MGS:GZ are easy completions but hella fun and the Mass Effect trilogy will tide me over a long time at my current rate of play. 100%'d all 3 on Xbox and I've been desperately wanting the plats (+100%) on my PS. Good times!
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