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PS Plus monthly games March 2023 — how hard are the new trophy lists?

  • RNumbersRNumbers1,414,604
    Posted on 09 March 23 at 18:55, Edited on 09 March 23 at 18:58 by RNumbers
    Minecraft Dungeons is indeed an easy plat. Those who expect an easy 100% in "20-30 hours," on the other hand, are gonna have a bad time.

    Not at least touching on the 8(!) DLC packs is a little misleading.

    Edit: For context, another site lists 10,226 plat achievers (24.2%) and 168 players with 100% (0.4%).
  • DETfaninATLDETfaninATL723,012
    Posted on 10 March 23 at 04:31
    I platinumed BF 2042 when it first released and it was EASILY one of the absolute worst experiences I’ve ever had with a game in 13-14 years of gaming. It’s not overly hard, the game was just that bad. And yes, some of the trophies were damn annoying!
    There's fallacious statements, derision & a haughty perspective in your reply, but I get it - you don't believe in God. 'Nuff said...
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