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PS Plus monthly games for PS5, PS4 available now

  • Posted on 24 February 23 at 10:24
    Sony has officially unveiled three games coming to PS5 and PS4 as part of March 2023's monthly games lineup for PS Plus Essential.

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  • Posted on 24 February 23 at 11:59, Edited on 24 February 23 at 12:00 by superniceguy_2
    The best month in a long time, where I have none of these on PS. Although I can play Minecraft Dungeons or Battlefield 2042 via GP/ EA play but I do not own them. I almost bought Code Vein the other week when it was on sale, but decided not to, so that was a good decision.

    It is strange that a MS game is given out in PS+ when the acquisition battle is going on. I think the acquisition deal is just a plan so Bobby gets to stay at Activision, they know full well it will fail, and all the slagging off at each other between MS/Activision/Sony is just for show.
    Yay! Double Platinum in Babylons Fall on PS4 and PS5 now achieved in less than a month.
  • HelixNebula_xHelixNebula_x1,032,613
    Posted on 24 February 23 at 12:12
    Pretty happy with Code Vein to be honest, always looked interesting, but never seen it on a good enough sale. Already own Minecraft Dungeons but that's a good grab with plenty of content for people who don't own it.

    2042 is just bad though by all acccounts. Not a Battlefield fan anyway, so doubt this will be getting played.
  • SilentJay76_SilentJay76_107,930
    Posted on 24 February 23 at 16:27
    So Sony is adding a MS-owned game on PS+ while crying like a spoiled child about losing access to MS-owned games? You couldn't make this stuff up. laugh

    They would've also signed a deal with MS for this title. Why would they do that if it just weakens their stance even more? I'm starting to think this whole merger bickering is just a media show, while Jim and Phil are having a laugh together after work.
  • TinCannEdTinCannEd355,935
    Posted on 26 February 23 at 06:35, Edited on 26 February 23 at 06:44 by TinCannEd
    Just Purchased Code Vein Ultimate last Month. It was a great deal. Minecraft Dungeons is Fun. Now I can play Cross-play with Xbox, as I have it on Game Pass, as well. laugh

    And the person commenting about a Micro$oft owned (NOT made, they just purchased the company.) being on PS+. It's all about the Money. By putting Dungeons on PS+, they will sell a TON of the DLC (7 currently @ $5.99 a piece, ALL with Trophies). Anybody wanting to 100% has to shell out the Money (And that goes for Both $ony AND Xbox....
  • ShinKotakeShinKotake728,939
    Posted on 27 February 23 at 01:06, Edited on 27 February 23 at 01:07 by ShinKotake
    Code Vein is very good, but that multiplayer trophy can ruin a good time. Minecraft Dungeons is a fun little game. While not as in depth as Diablo, you can still find yourself getting lost in it.
  • Posted on 07 March 23 at 23:04
    I gave Battlefield 2042 another chance after not enjoying the beta. Still not really a fan but at least it didn't cost me anything. I really don't know how they went from making great games like Battlefield 1 and Bad Company 2 to this.
  • Posted on 09 March 23 at 06:31
    I totally forgot to check so I was very surprised to see these games show up. Code Vein is one of those games I'm a little interested in but wouldn't buy myself! So that one alone makes me happy. And then the other titles are also good?!? Or at least not small indie games.
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