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Holiday Sale Event in NA Begins!

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 03 December 14 at 15:40
    Picked up Dragon Fantasy Book, Got both of the Symphonia games a few weeks ago when Chronicles was on sale, otherwise I'd have picked that up as well.

    I also considered CastleStorm at that price, but I'm trying to save the PSN credit I have left for the rest of the month of deals.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 03 December 14 at 16:02
    Far cry classic seems like the only one for me this time
  • Posted on 03 December 14 at 16:15
    I'd get a bunch of stuff for this is for NA only right? Any news of a EU one coming soon?
  • DMC_FanDMC_Fan94,723
    Posted on 03 December 14 at 16:16
    hope Raiden IV: Overkill and Tales of Symphonia and Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment go on sale for UK
  • FatSuitFatSuit561,738
    Posted on 03 December 14 at 18:42
    Far Cry Classic and Contrast for me.
  • Posted on 03 December 14 at 19:20
    I didn't even know that Raiden IV was on ps3. I'm definitely picking that one up! Probably Tomb Raider as well.
    Thash grape!
  • Posted on 03 December 14 at 22:15
    I recently got a PS TV. Any good Vita games that are compatible with PS TV here that I should consider?
    I only own a Playstation TV
  • ArmyVaultArmyVault266,130
    Posted on 04 December 14 at 04:27
    I'm obviously new to PS since I used to have a hard on for Xbox, but these games don't really grab my attention. I really want to play Wolfenstein: The New Order but not at that price. Another $10 off and I might have swiped it up.
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