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Looking for PSN friends? Post Your ID here.

  • LiquidCodeLiquidCode716,399
    Posted on 17 December 18 at 17:54, Edited on 03 November 19 at 09:14 by LiquidCodePermalink
    If anyone wants to add me on here or on PSN feel free. ID = LiquidCode

    Im only on PS4 as i came across from the XBox 5 years ago.

    My most played games are Destiny, Destiny 2, and Monster Hunter World with over 2,500 hours between the 3, so im into coop games mostly (i do play other games though.)
  • Posted on 21 December 18 at 04:11Permalink
    PSN ID: Residentdarrell

    Hey guys I’m always looking for gamers to join up with and even boost some trophies! I’m 33 married with kids so most of my gaming is done Thursday Friday, and Saturday nights after 9pm est.

    I also have a podcast on iTunes and Google Play called The Loot Bros Podcast where we talk a ton about PlayStation and getting trophies. I would love for any of you guys to check it out. Hit me up if you want to game.
  • Posted on 23 December 18 at 17:45Permalink
    You can add me too @dokkanexpert

    I'm the same as OP but opposite. I'm also 34 & married with kids. But i'm on disability (i am a war veteran) so I play all DAY while the wife & kids are gone & I get off at night.

    Currently playing Red Dead Redemption 2. So dont send me a party invite for anything else.
  • Linkx41Linkx4148,149
    Posted on 24 December 18 at 19:39Permalink
    You can add me, but just let me know you're from TT in the request. Also I pretty much only play Vita games nowadays.
    The King of Hyrule
    Posted on 27 February 19 at 18:30Permalink
    Feel free to add me anyone, I enjoy a busy friends list and news feed to see what games people are smashing out trophies on.
  • jon88_iljon88_il412,786
    Posted on 04 March 19 at 12:30Permalink
    Same as everyone here, feel free to add me as well.
    psn id: jon88_il
    Just write down in the message you came from here

    Also one of those 31 years old that usually play after the child has went to sleep :)
  • Posted on 17 March 19 at 12:21, Edited on 17 March 19 at 12:22 by LEFT__4__DEAD__2Permalink
    I like anime and beta testing :)
    Panache! - Reincarnation!
  • GampxSGampxS155,698
    Posted on 17 March 19 at 20:08Permalink
    25 years old male gamer. With gf and job on neck my gaming schedule is crazy BUT I love busy news feed what everyone unlocks and play. My real friends dont play so often so my feed is empty. So if you want likes and comments then I am your man.
  • XilixiRXilixiR762,922
    Posted on 12 April 19 at 03:01Permalink

    Not an active online player but a trophy hunter
  • Posted on 04 October 19 at 20:50Permalink
    Just jumped over from x box happy to accept any friends
  • VillaxusVillaxus374,419
    Posted on 01 December 19 at 01:12Permalink
    Avid Trophy hunter and accepting all trophy hunters to my friends list for trophy boosting, coop or even just comparing trophies, feel free to add me!

    PSN ID: LiL_Cicerro

    I know the psn is bad, its outdated and 9 years old and the name change feature makes me nervous so im stuck with it for now lol
  • EmmieR82EmmieR825,039
    Posted on 21 December 19 at 12:24Permalink

    I have recently started trophy hunting from a friend who plays a different console. Always up for a chat or any help with any trophies from the games i have got. Dont have many games but time will take its toll.

    Unfortuantely, due to personal circumstances I only own a PS3 but when everything is sorted i will be upgrading and getting into gaming and trophy hunting a lot more seriously.

    My PSN ID is EmmieR82

    Thanks and happy Gaming
  • Posted on 07 March 20 at 05:32Permalink
    I'm currently a truetrophies loner, add me. Psn: Jerebeardre8
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