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Trophies not unlocking?

  • Posted on 17 November 14 at 20:34
    Is anyone else hit by trophies sometimes not unlocking?

    I unlocked the polaroid, beat the chest, killed Isaac with Judas, and got myself golden boy. None of these trophies unlocked until suddenly the chest trophy popped while I was on a new run in the basement... I feel kind of cheated and I have been able to find no information about this and no gaurentee that it will be fixed. Also heard that Dead boy and Godhead are not unlockable at the moment so I have no idea what to do...

    Anyone know anything about this and/or have lost trophies yourself?
  • Posted on 17 November 14 at 23:59
    Were you using any seeds during those runs as I have read that they disable trophies during them to prevent exploits
  • Posted on 18 November 14 at 00:06
    No, I have the actual unlocks in game. The respective items unlocked (and how can I beat the chest without the polaroid?)...
  • Posted on 21 November 14 at 14:07, Edited on 21 November 14 at 14:08 by Dropkick_Hope86
    The game is broken until the patch v1.022 comes out, should go live next week. The pc version got it over a week ago
  • Posted on 21 November 14 at 16:25
    Any reassurance that we will get trophies for the things we unlocked but didn't actually get the trophy for?
  • Posted on 21 November 14 at 17:35
    Not sure on that one but I know that v1.022 patch makes all the trophies work.
  • Posted on 22 November 14 at 12:42
    Wish I'd seen this earlier and I would've waited before playing any more. Trophies had been fine for me up until I just beat Isaac with Samson and didn't unlock Bloody Lust.

    I would hope the trophies trigger based on having the respective item unlocked, rather than actually beating the boss with character X. They should unlock if that's the case.
  • Lainey80Lainey8034,527
    Posted on 21 August 15 at 15:58
    For those who arent aware of the trophy issue.

    Some of them will still glitch and not pop despite the patches. The only know work around is to back up your date to the cloud, delete your isaac save game from your hard drive and then re-download the save data from the cloud. This should make trophies pop retrospectively.

    Things to remember -
    Back up to a USB as well as the cloud before deleting your saves from the hard drive, just in case.

    The game has a "sync" option on the save select screen, if downloading from the cloud doesn't work try uploading and downloading your save from the sync option. Again, have a usb save just in case.

    This work around may take multiple tries to pop all trophies.

    Some trophies require specific things to happen in game. Example - kill satan with a character. You can complete the game while never fighting satan even if you go to his level as some items will let you skip bosses via level skips. If you are missing achievements like this then that may be the problem.
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