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Trophy Names and Descriptions

Posted on 14 November 14 at 07:22
I'm not sure who is directly able to do this, but would anyone be willing to change the names and descriptions of the trophies for this game to the English versions? I'll have all of them in the Guides, or I can post them here if need be.
Posted on 14 November 14 at 12:59, Edited on 14 November 14 at 13:01 by munchmagic1986
I could help slightly, wouldn't be the most accurate translations, just what Google translates the page to.

EDIT: Gamefaqs has a list of the trophies in English
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Posted on 14 November 14 at 16:30
We have this list English games with trophies in Japanese

Are you saying you're able to translate? Or that you want to write guides but don't know which trophy is which?
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Posted on 14 November 14 at 17:30
I can't translate: I'm going by what the Trophy App for the Vita has them listed as. I can't say if it's a direct translation, but they seem accurate (I don't know enough japanese).

They describe each one in question, but the direct words are a bit different (in the title anyway).
Posted on 11 January 17 at 14:24
Why don't they match the data in the trophy app though?
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