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EU Starts "Games Under €20" PSN Sale

  • PunkyliarPunkyliar108,810
  • Posted on 06 November 14 at 01:58
    Might be tempted on a couple of the Vita titles, I really wish the Vita version of Batman Blackgate would be permanently reduced to the same price of the PS3 version. As it stands there is no chance I would even consider getting the Vita edition, it is the same exact game but twice the price! I really wanna pick up one of those Lego games on Vita but Lego Batman 3 is out next week and I wanna stay lego fresh

    Although it wasn't in this sale but rather the Deal of the Week, I grabbed Tomb Raider PS4 Extra Hair Physics Edition for £19.99 smile
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  • Posted on 06 November 14 at 05:49
    Tossing up whether to get Worms Crazy Golf. Everything else I'd have been tempted by I've already bought previously. There's a few Vita games there that I do want but they'd have to be quite a lot cheaper for me to even think about getting them digitally.
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 06 November 14 at 07:34
    Again, no love for PS4? cry
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  • boldfox85boldfox85535,942
    Posted on 06 November 14 at 23:35
    Just bought Worms 1. message me for the online any time.
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  • takutonekotakutoneko127,053
    Posted on 07 November 14 at 00:13
    I can see things I want but will just keep holding off..Much to play.
  • Posted on 07 November 14 at 00:46
    Perfect for me. I've been looking at Hard Corps Uprising for the past few weeks, and was hoping for sale sometime soon... and here it goes! smile
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