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Which one is your favorite team in football and basketball ?

Posted on 05 November 14 at 09:24
My fav team in Greek football(Super League) is AEL Larissa
from Bundes Liga is Eintracht Frankfurt
from Premier League is Tottenham Hotspur
from Serie A is Milan
from La Liga is Sevilla

from NBA is LA Lakers
Posted on 06 November 14 at 01:36
When you put Basketball in the title I assumed you meant American Football, glad to see that isn't the case.

My favorite team is Liverpool FC however I also support my local team Dundee United.
Hi I'm Clark Kent from the Daily Planet
Posted on 30 October 15 at 20:10
Mine is Man Utd and growing up I did like watching the Chicago Bulls so i guess I still have a soft spot for them.
Posted on 23 December 15 at 20:20
In american football it's the Vikings and in NBA it's the Cavs.
Posted on 18 October 16 at 20:19
Broncos and Jazz
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