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Ape Escape PS1 trophies review — seamless update of a PlayStation gem

  • ColdDogColdDog260,414
  • BluenoseGeoBluenoseGeo373,098
    Posted on 06 August 22 at 20:55
    Halfway through playing this and really enjoying, personally I would have liked to see some trophies for capturing all monkeys and obtaining all the Spector Coins!
  • darkjian92darkjian922,062,471
    Posted on 07 August 22 at 00:45
    Great review! As a completionist, I wouldn't have minded trophies for all monkeys and all coins, and possibly even for the time trials, but, per the review, I did that anyway because I enjoyed the game.
    Za uspiekh nashevo beznadiozhnovo diela. (To the success of our hopeless task.) - Russian Proverb DJ
  • TheMikeSCTheMikeSC463,207
    Posted on 07 August 22 at 22:19
    I would kill for a remake of these.
  • ColdDogColdDog260,414
    Posted on 08 August 22 at 06:11
    TheMikeSC said:
    I would kill for a remake of these.
    ...how about a remake... for the PSP? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj1HkzAOUYs&ab_channel=J...

    (One that completely misses the point of the series by porting a right analog dependent game to a console without a right analog stick, of course).

    My ridiculous takes on Ape Escape remakes — Ape Escape 2 is already the 'real' remake of Ape Escape 1, let's have an Ape Escape 4.
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