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Sony drops PS5 Accolades because of low player use, no support, and bad UI

  • Posted on 01 August 22 at 12:04
    This doesn’t surprise me at all, I haven’t heard one person I know speak about accolades so I’d say it was all but forgotten about. Also the limitations made it a bit disappointing. I could only send accolades to people not on my friends list, which doesn’t work for me as I don’t often play with complete strangers.

    I’m sure if they re-implemented the feature a bit better and within every game, it could work out. It should be a thing that pops up automatically if it detects you’ve played with someone new or someone you haven’t given an accolade to previously. Maybe give it a toggle option so the people who don’t want to use it, aren’t forced to.
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  • ParanoimiaParanoimia236,115
    Posted on 01 August 22 at 12:05
    Never used them because I don't really play online much. When I do, it's almost always co-op with friends, and you can't give accolades to people on your friends list.
  • zaylzayl245,172
    Posted on 01 August 22 at 12:16
    I prefer just telling the person what i think instead of a "A+ sticker" for your hard work lol
  • Posted on 01 August 22 at 12:22
    zayl said:
    I prefer just telling the person what i think instead of a "A+ sticker" for your hard work lol
    Same, you even get to throw in an insult just to make sure they don't know quite how you feel and try to keep impressing.
    Posted on 01 August 22 at 13:53
    I never used them. The multiplayer games I play never implemented them. It was useless to me anyways. Zero gain, zero loss tbh.
  • LeyhkezeLeyhkeze118,150
    Posted on 01 August 22 at 17:25
    So that's what their purpose was^^
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed700,469
    Posted on 01 August 22 at 18:10
    I bet it waa used the same way as Xbox 360's was originally, where people would just give bad ratinga to other gamers much better than them.
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  • Posted on 02 August 22 at 05:27
    i completely forgot about this
    Posted on 02 August 22 at 05:53
    If it's an optional feature, of course it's not going to see support. We can look back at the early PlayStation trophies days and see how little that got support until it was made mandatory. The same can be said again now with classic PS1/PSP games making a return and how little the optional trophy support is working there.

    Not sure why Sony or even Microsoft don't make this stuff mandatory. Microsoft used to have optional Challenges back when Xbox One first launched, but that got little support too. I mean there is no shortage of examples, Custom Music on PS3, etc.
  • LGbaybLGbayb140,932
    Posted on 02 August 22 at 09:24
    I did wonder about these. I figured they were a forthcoming feature but it looks like I just didn't playing games where they were integrated.
  • Slayer1189Slayer11892,111,499
    Posted on 02 August 22 at 09:56
    I got 10 in total and like everyone else it seems never cared for them. I think I sent out 2 just to test them out, then never touched them again.
  • Posted on 02 August 22 at 16:12
    probably for the best

    my 100% unsupporting xbox 360 rep says so
  • darkchris23darkchris23961,387
    Posted on 02 August 22 at 17:41
    im glad they dropped this it was useless and there wasnt even a way to give some one credit when you played with them
  • Posted on 03 August 22 at 17:23
    I had the PS5 since launch and I never even knew about these.
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