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Rockstar focus on GTA 6, scraps Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4 remasters

  • ColdDogColdDog260,509
  • osloff_osloff_54,191
    Posted on 07 July 22 at 12:48
    As if GTA4 needed a remake... What a joke
  • Posted on 07 July 22 at 14:08
    Disgusting was so looking forward to RDR remaster.
  • Posted on 07 July 22 at 14:30
    I am glad to hear the developers over at Rockstar are focusing on new game titles, like GTA6. I am tired of seeing so many games getting remastered in the last few years, especially, since most gamers have already played these remastered games on PS4/XBOX ONE.
  • ShinKotakeShinKotake728,776
    Posted on 07 July 22 at 18:42
    So, instead of learning from their mistakes and doing better, they decided to just give up. Good job Rockstar.
    "You spoony bard!"
  • TheMikeSCTheMikeSC463,739
    Posted on 07 July 22 at 19:53
    I look forward to GTA VI...but let's not forget that they stuck a company that had little track record and gave them too little time and assistance in remaking the major trilogy.
  • Posted on 27 August 23 at 11:47
    Well this didn’t turn out to be true…. Don’t believe everything you read lol.
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