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‘Games under £8' Sale

  • Posted on 03 October 14 at 04:49
    Europe sees some outstanding discounts

    Please click here to read the story: ‘Games under £8' Sale
  • Posted on 03 October 14 at 07:27
    I'd recommend Rayman Legends and Origins at those prices; they're absolutely fantastic games.
    If I didn't already have 'em on Xbox I'd pick 'em up (if they ever go on PS+ I'd be more than happy to play through them again).
    Also note that Cars 2 DOES have trophies; maybe link the page to here, OP?
  • Flopsy64Flopsy6440,096
    Posted on 03 October 14 at 07:37
    Nice that most of the Sonic titles are on sale, I'd recommend them all except for Unleashed (that game was terrible). I've played through Generations 3 times now because I've enjoyed it so much, the only annoying trophy is the final boss battle with no damage.
    Shame that Sonic 4 or Sonic 1 isn't on sale though.
  • Posted on 03 October 14 at 08:14
    Came close to buying Ni no Kuni until I saw the file size. My internet is really bad that it would take days for it to download so I rather pay extra just to get it retail. There is an error in the pricing for the game. The game is on sale for €6.99 not €9.99.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 03 October 14 at 12:34
    Too bad there's nothing for PS4 but it looks like a cool list indeed.
    "Booyah." - Jeff Winger
  • boldfox85boldfox85536,278
    Posted on 03 October 14 at 15:27
    I wonder if Dragon Age Origins dlc, or at least Awakenings will go on sale next.
    And I highly recommend Ni No Kuni. I have the disc version so happy with that.

    I'll get Jurassic Park next week but just bought Sonic 2 so if anyone wants to do the multiplayer, send me a message.
    GT: boldfoxrd
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