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Trophies for PS1 and PSP classics are "optional for developers"

  • CanezzaCanezza74,351
  • Posted on 24 May 22 at 19:07
    Booooo. At the very least you could code simple checks. (Beat Level 1) (Beat Level 2)

    My PlayStation Classic I modded with RetroAchievements has my support than it seems official devs will offer.

    Guess I'll save a bit of cash.
  • HappyDogCPHHappyDogCPH100,111
    Posted on 24 May 22 at 23:16
    I agree that it should be optional, then again it’ll be a big incentive to add trophies to much older games for trophy hunters, like myself, to achieve.
  • Posted on 25 May 22 at 11:21
    I'm fine with that. Not gonna stop me from playing games I haven't played in 15+ years.
  • DesiShinobiDesiShinobi217,817
    Posted on 26 May 22 at 07:46
    I absolutely fucking love how much attention they are giving the PS1/PS2 era games and bringing them back, trophy or not.

    Would still play it without trophies but definitely an incentive for trophy hunters to get it.
  • Posted on 29 May 22 at 11:38
    Thats not good at all as the devs wont bother to add them.
  • BowelHunterBowelHunter370,183
    Posted on 09 June 22 at 03:10
    I have no nostalgia for ps1 & 2 games so kinda disappointing for me doesn't make me want to check out the classics I've missed
  • TheMikeSCTheMikeSC451,625
    Posted on 13 June 22 at 14:35
    Man SF is borderline unplayable.
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