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PlayStation Mega March sale round-up for North America March 16th, 2022

  • Posted on 17 March 22 at 07:04
    Some of these sales seem wacky. Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally are definitely not $25
  • TheMikeSCTheMikeSC435,410
    Posted on 17 March 22 at 12:09
    "Mega" seems like a bit of a stretch for this. Lost Judgment is, of course, really good. Will go lower, but half off, if you do not have it, is not bad at all. I'm an apologist for Aven Colony. Conga Master is oddly amusing. I was shocked how fun this, basically, "follow the leader" game ended up being. Panzer Dragoon Remake is genius. Super easy completion outside of that idiotic 100+ hrs trophy (beat all achievements but that on XBox in about 8-9 hrs. So, less than 10%. Geez)
  • LeigrezLeigrez1,625,579
    Posted on 18 March 22 at 13:45, Edited on 18 March 22 at 13:45 by Leigrez
    I’m on the same boat as Johnny, the sales are not reflecting on here.

    I noticed a bunch too other than the DiRT games.

    The Technomancer is 2.69 cdn but it says here 19.99.
    Get even is 5.39 but it says 14.99.

    I think there’s some miscommunication between the sites.
    There are three kinds of people in this world. People who can count and people who can't.
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