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The Adored Explorer: An Uncharted Compendium

  • Posted on 13 February 22 at 13:39
    Uncharted is a vital PlayStation franchise developed by Naughty Dog. We are proud to present The Uncharted Compendium — a history of the series from A to Z, complete with awards, rankings, and your memories.

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  • mysticmoshmysticmosh1,031,539
    Posted on 14 February 22 at 18:33
    Love playing as Drake, especially the ps3 trilogy but he definitely isn't my (or everybody's?) favourite treasure hunter. That mantle will always go to the original ps icon, a certain Miss Croft. Probably why I really liked Lost Legacy.
  • SQUALL20XSQUALL20X190,263
    Posted on 15 February 22 at 06:56
    I'm in the middle of my journey to plat the series, reading your compendiums was interesting and informative, I'm surprised you even covered the misc. part, keep the excellent work Kes.
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