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  • Posted on 18 August 15 at 09:25Permalink
    BumpkinPumpkin said:Is this still active?Well I never got a reply in the last month, so I guess not headspin
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    Can I join please
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    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 23 May 16 at 06:57Permalink
    I'll have to look into how you join a clan and join up with you guys because I've got Destiny but have never managed to get into it. Somehow I'm a level 30 (or something like that) just by doing the odd mission here and there but god knows what I'm doing or where I've been or even what a shimmer is!!!

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  • Posted on 23 June 16 at 03:54Permalink
    I just signed up today. Although I'm not as active as I am on the Xbox, once I'm up to snuff I'd like to do some sessions for clan-specific trophies for strikes and raids. Hit me up if interested or find me on
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  • Posted on 30 June 16 at 18:50Permalink
    Just joined the clan on PS. Anyone wants to do the strike trophy hit me up. A team of 3 can do a vanilla strike and a 32 prison and have the clan stuff done in under an hour.
  • Posted on 01 July 16 at 02:05Permalink
    I'm up for nightfall and raids anytime, flawless raider too
  • Posted on 14 July 16 at 23:00Permalink
    I've got a session set up for tomorrow for the clan achievements, the time is negotiable though so anybody who wants to team up for this feel free to hit me up and we can figure something out.
  • Posted on 13 April 17 at 20:49Permalink
    Got another session up for anyone interested in clan trophies.
    Co-op Gaming Session for Destiny
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  • Posted on 26 April 17 at 19:20Permalink
    Anyone in this clan interested in raids?
    Non facete nobis calcitrare vestrvm perinævm!
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