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Posted on 15 September 14 at 23:13
This is just a formal sticky to link the Destiny TrueGaming Clan (TrueTrophies, and TrueAchievements on one clan to make things easier).

Join up on either or both platforms!

You must exceed your limitations if you wish to survive.
Posted on 16 September 14 at 18:09
Is this open to everyone, or are there any requirements or anything?
Posted on 16 September 14 at 18:16
Joined. Add me.

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Posted on 18 September 14 at 02:09, Edited on 11 September 18 at 08:48 by DaveKinetic
VysetheLegend84 said:
Is this open to everyone, or are there any requirements or anything?
Just basically follow the same rules as the TT/TA rules.

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You must exceed your limitations if you wish to survive.
Posted on 19 September 14 at 19:26
playing on PS4, just send me a friend request and put a note in the request. Thanks!

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Posted on 27 September 14 at 16:42
Just joined, got no idea what I'm doing headspin. Feel free to add me.
Posted on 09 November 14 at 16:42
Joined, add me want that big loot and strange coins
Posted on 13 November 14 at 23:35
I have joined
Posted on 21 November 14 at 20:49
Is everyone ok with me adding them on ps3?
Posted on 12 December 14 at 15:49
Hit me up on the ps4 if anyone ever needs another person for the raid/strange coin mission/ nightfall.
Posted on 18 December 14 at 22:55
Just started Destiny on the PS4 yesterday. Looking forward to seeing all it has to offer.
Posted on 11 January 15 at 12:13
Hi. I enjoy walk along the Forgotten Shore and watching the sun set over the Mothyards. I'd like to meet some similarly minded people to do strikes and raids with. Add me on PSN and send me a message :)
Posted on 22 January 15 at 04:36
Joined....add me
Posted on 22 January 15 at 13:09
Request sent.. I've been playing for a while now and haven't attempted any raids if someone can offer some help. Add me..
Posted on 27 January 15 at 04:22
needing a solid and dedicated group to play this game 3 times with me( max out all classes). I know i can do it by my self but it will be more entertaining playing with other people. I have booty internet. Hughesnet so i have a 6 sec delay to every thing if you can deal with this awesome. I will join this clan just pm me on here if youre interested. I will make sessions for it as well for the people who want to help
Posted on 07 February 15 at 19:02
Hit me up on the ps4 if anyone ever needs another person for the raid/strike trophies. I work from 10-6am CST. I'll be on between then and sometimes on days off.
Posted on 28 March 15 at 18:00, Edited on 28 March 15 at 18:01 by VonStephen
I have been looking for dedicated clan for a while now on PS4 and based in the UK, I have joined a couple and left due to inactivity and lack of interest of the other clan members or they have just been on at different times. I would be interested in joining a dedicated clan to earn these trophies.
Posted on 18 May 15 at 16:53
31 Hunter, 28 Warlock, 28 Titan. Add me for raids, nightfalls, trophy hunting etc. On most nights. experienced with VOG and Crota and can run the sword if needed.
Posted on 10 July 15 at 17:58
Looks like this clan has tailed off. Do any of you guys still play? I just got to level 32 with a friend and am looking for people for the "compulsory group coz no matchmaking" stuff wave
=Semper Fi=
Posted on 18 August 15 at 05:12
Is this still active?
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