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PlayStation will get next three Call of Duty's, including Warzone 2 — report

  • Posted on 26 January 22 at 14:44, Edited on 26 January 22 at 14:44 by superniceguy_2
    Even if the games did not come to PS after the three, I would not bother getting a PC or a Series to keep playing it, it is not worth it. The whole Activision ordeal and these stupid acquisitions are a major turn off. Even having a Series X I will not play the games if they are not on PS.
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed702,210
    Posted on 26 January 22 at 15:38
    Anonymous is normally a bad sign in most reports that there's a lie in the mix somewhere. Whilst I don't doubt Microsoft will want to keep it on PS for a tiny bit to keep raking in the predatory micro-transaction sales that Chav games have. They will eventually kill off the support, but someone stated on PushSquare the other day, they theoretically say this and then only release one of them. Which is likely to be the free-to-play one (I assume Warzone 2 will be).
    Congratulations on your platinum.
  • TheMikeSCTheMikeSC459,199
    Posted on 26 January 22 at 16:18
    They do not own them until 2023 in the first place.
  • daemont101daemont1011,530,290
    Posted on 27 January 22 at 02:38
    I would think by then PlayStation will think of some kind of shooter to replace Call of Duty, that will be “their exclusive shooter”
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