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12 Days of Christmas 2021 - FAQ

  • Posted on 30 November 21 at 09:49, Edited on 13 December 21 at 01:11 by BeardedScot86
    Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge 2021! As we've done the last 4 years now, we're closing out the year with a bang.

    Like in previous years, every day from December 1st to December 12th we will reveal a new challenge. Each must be completed in order if you intend to complete the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. You have the entire month of December to complete this. Non-qualifying trophies (meaning ones that don't progress your currently active challenge) do not impact the event. Feel free to continue on in whatever other events you may be participating in without worry.

    Registration is open now, is free, and anyone that completes all twelve challenges by the end of December will receive a new Community Challenge Badge (or an upgrade on the color of their existing one). If you haven't yet registered, feel free to do so here:
    Twelve Days of Christmas 2021

    Event Start and End times:
    Start: December 1st at 10am UTC
    End: January 1st at 1am UTC
    Mind you, time is kept as UTC so adjust for your time zone where appropriate!

    Challenge Reveals:
    For 12 days starting December 1st, a new challenge will be opened at 10am UTC

    Completing Challenges
    Challenges must be completed in order. You cannot complete challenge 5 before challenge 1!

    Unlocking Invalid Trophies During a Challenge:
    There is no penalty for unlocking trophies that do not count towards your active challenge while working on your challenge.

    Finding Valid Trophies:
    You will find a button below your active challenge on your homepage to go to a list of valid trophies for that challenge in games you've already started. You will also find a button on the hub to go to a list of all valid trophies in all games.

    Games / Trophies not marked as you expect:

    If the challenge requires a specific type of game / trophy, verify the trophy you are going for is valid beforehand. Don't unlock it and then check as even if it is fixed, it won't retroactively count. You can submit genres / trophy flags under the games Options section at the top of the games page.
    E.G. In a previous year you had to get trophies marked as Missable. If you obtained one that was not marked missable and then reported it, when the flag was applied, it didn't then count for the challenge.

    Sync in timestamp order

    Make sure to sync trophies in timestamp order. This occurs if you play across multiple consoles. E.G. if you play on Vita and get a valid trophy, then move to PS4 and get a valid trophy, the PS4 will auto sync it, but the vita won't. If you do it out of order, the Vita one will not count.

    Please feel free to post all questions in the 12 Days of Christmas 2021 - Discussion
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  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed702,870
    Posted on 06 December 21 at 23:47
    For the fourth one, if I unlock trophies in Mafia 3's DLC, does that still count to the challenge or are they technically not part of it because I think the version on there is the definitive.
    Congratulations on your platinum.
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