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The TT Community Interview: Nooby_Cake

  • Posted on 07 November 21 at 10:00
    The TrueTrophies community interviews are back! This week, we are talking to Nooby_Cake about their trophy haul, favourite games, and more!

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  • SilentJay76_SilentJay76_107,551
    Posted on 07 November 21 at 16:58
    Sony exclusives focus only on the story and how pretty the game is, making the rest of the experience (especially with trophy hunting) terrible. I feel the gameplay is boring and the huge amounts of collectable trophies for the sake of them being there is just silly.
    That seems a bit harsh. I'm still fairly new to PS, but what I've played has certainly been (mostly) great. I will agree on the trophy hunting, though. I'm 14 hours into The Last of Us and I've got one single trophy. Everything seems to be "collect all of this" and "find all of that" and "upgrade everything" by re-playing the game. If you only get two trophies for finishing the story in a story-based game, that just seems weird. (Other games haven't been quite that bad, though.)

    Ratalaika Games & Eastasiasoft should be praised for the number of indie developers they help in bringing their games to multiple platforms, and not just deemed as ‘EZ plat devs’.
    I don't care one way or another. To each their own. But what I don't like, is the fact that they offer these easy completions for just playing the first couple of levels. That's why they're deemed "EZ plats." People just play until the platinum and then quit, long before the game is actually completed. I'm not sure these publishers are doing themselves any favours with that, because of the negative connotations.
  • StuTheChiefStuTheChief6,423,149
    Posted on 07 November 21 at 21:44
    Great interview fellow bean diver toast

    I would agree that Bloodborne is the only "decent" Sony exclusive as there are others which are amazing smile
  • krakenofchaoskrakenofchaos1,320,977
    Posted on 07 November 21 at 23:13
    Plenty of fishing in Ac Valhalla and Elder Scrolls Online. Also, I'm pretty sure there's an uncharted game where you have to pet the yaks for a trophy. Have fun :)
  • ShadeSplitShadeSplit797,790
    Posted on 08 November 21 at 09:02
    Long ago someone brought me to a video game store, claiming it was one of the most popular/biggest stores in the world. So when I got in, the first thing I asked for was Rule of Rose. I would say the guy behind the counter reacted as if he had seen a ghost.

    Also, while I love to see companies help bring in more "indie" games, I agree that it's not a positive tactic to essentially bribe people into buying them with very fast and easy trophies. The games should be able to stand on their own with proper trophy lists.
    War is hell. The last thing we want is a fight.
  • Slayer1189Slayer11892,179,535
    Posted on 08 November 21 at 10:29
    Nice read smile

    Regarding the whole Sony exclusive thing... I play so many games on my Playstation and yet I have barely played any of the major exclusives. I enjoy the Ratchet & Clank games and I played Horizon Zero Dawn (and hated it).

    But so many of the heavy hitting PS exclusives just aren't on my account. Not played RDR2, Spider Man, TLoU, God of War, GT Sport, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne etc and for the most part I don't intend to!

    Sony are the only exclusives I have little interest in playing aswell. On Switch I play a good amount of the exclsives (Metroid Dread and Warioware are up there for GOTY 2021) and on Xbox I like to jump in too (been loving Sea of Thieves, will be on Forza Horizon 5 tomorrow and Halo Infinite next month) and then I also love a good PC exclusive especially for certain genres.

    Sony exclusives are the black sheep for me and honestly as more of an arcadey style player who doesn't care at all about graphics that is likely the reason why.
  • Nooby_CakeNooby_Cake1,321,546
    Posted on 28 July 22 at 04:55

    A little late, but on 27th June, I actually FOUND CIRI! I also beat Witcher 3 on death march. smile
  • ShinKotakeShinKotake728,776
    Posted on 03 April 24 at 16:18
    Happy you brought these back Kes! Always nice getting to know the community
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