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GTA trilogy remaster leaks (again) along with new trophy art

  • Posted on 06 October 21 at 12:45
    The GTA trilogy remaster that still hasn't been officially conformed has leaked again after dataminers found some details in the Rockstar Launcher, this includes artwork that might indicate more trophies to come!

    Please click here to read the full story: GTA trilogy remaster leaks (again) along with new trophy art
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed610,862
    Posted on 06 October 21 at 13:19
    Was reading this on Pushsquare and they pointed out that alot of the art matches what was on the PS2 releases on PS4. There's a couple of new ones, which is interesting.
    As you said we could have new things to do in the games. Which would be interesting to see what they pull out of the Rabbit hat.
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  • YinNYKYinNYK198,903
    Posted on 06 October 21 at 14:54
    Long as Take the Cannoli trophy for Vice City isn't there ill be happy lol
  • NismoR033NismoR033116,473
    Posted on 06 October 21 at 19:59
    I really need to do the PS4 versions. Sat on them for way too long.
  • boldfox85boldfox85524,947
    Posted on 07 October 21 at 16:16
    Will cheats disable trophies? I assume they did on the PS4 versions but as long as they don't, I may get them. I could never complete GTA3 without cheats in 2002, it will be even harder this time.
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