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Tips for ranged spells and CQC sword for beginners

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    Posted on 14 June 21 at 03:21
    Things to note: This is a guide for what order to do things rather than a walkthrough of all the items you need are here, here and here. If you can improve it let me know.
    * Don't use some Boss Souls on magic straight away as it might also be used for miracles, and basically never use them for souls until you have the all miracles and spells trophies.
    * Colourless Demon Soul = 10 of these are available in one playthrough, 5 by killing Primeval Demon's, 2 by trading Gold Mask & Talisman of God to Sparkly the Crow, 1 in Gates of Boletaria and 2 are Mephistopheles assassinations.
    * Some bosses like Flamelurker and Maneater can be cheesed with poison cloud, to get poison cloud kill the 5-1 boss and rescue Saint Urbain in world 4-2, feel free to do this anytime after phalanx as at most you'll only use an extra 2 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. If your having difficulty with a boss, this could be a good option.
    * Body form = full life bar, soul form = half life bar. After you kill a boss you will return to body form if you were in souls form, play the game in soul form so you don't change world tendency, you can die in the nexus by walking off the second floor
    * World tendency very basically means bad people dying is a better world (killing Black Phantoms/bosses/prime evil demons = White World).
    Good people dying is a worse world (You in body form/NPC = Black World).
    This is important as certain people/items/etc only appear in one or the other or both.
    * Character tendency is you doing the killing, i.e. Black Phantom killed by fall/poison spell/etc will change world tendency, Black Phantom killed with direct damage from you like a sword will change both character and world tendency.
    Killing invading players as host/Black Phantoms = White Tendency
    Killing host as invader/NPC's = Black Tendency
    * Pure White looks golden & Pure Black is black with red dots

    Start with Royalty class/Female/Providential Ring. Combat will be mainly spells at a distance, some CQC and rolling to avoid damage. Endgame standard equipment will be below equipped, situational to leave on your person listed, everything else send to storage.
    * RH1 = Phosphorescent Pole, upgrade before Large Sword of Moonlight as maxed it'll replenish 1 MP per second, both need colourless demon souls to upgrade and three of these are also needed for a miracle.
    * LH1 = Talisman of Beasts, casting spells and miracles, attack scales with magic and faith so level them evenly for max damage, I use Soul Arrow (Starting spell with Royalty) as it uses 5 MP to cast and generally best damage to MP ratio.
    * RH2 = Large Sword of Moonlight, attack scales with faith and will attack through shields, main CQC weapon, useful against knights behind shields as will do full damage to enemy through the shield.
    * LH2 = Crescent Falchion, upgraded will replenish 1 MP every 3 seconds. Have active when not wanting to use spells.
    For boss fights Kris Blade can be more useful as it gives you +20% magic damage
    Adjudicator's Shield for Healing
    * Ring 1 = Fragrant Ring, will replenish 1 MP every 4 seconds, starting ring
    * Ring 2 = Ring of Avarice, +20% more souls for more levels
    Regenerator's Ring for Healing
    Ring Of Magical Sharpness for +20% magic damage for some bosses
    Thief Ring = Harder for enemies to detect you, useful for some bosses.
    * Helm = Monk's Head Wrappings, +30% magic damage, use starting helm Silver Coronet until you get it as it gives +20% max MP.
    * Gauntlets = Silver Bracelet, +10% more souls for more levels
    * Chest Armour & Leggings = Fashion or status resistance (poison, plague, etc) but keep your equipment load equal to or below 50.00% so you can have a fast roll.

    Stats, I level everything equally unless I specifically need a higher stat sooner, at these max stats level Vitality and Intelligence to 50 then alternate between Vitality, Intelligence, Magic & Faith
    * Vitality = 30
    * Intelligence = 30, at 40 you'll get the max 6 slots for magic, don't need to level past slots needed or max mana wanted for boss fights though and I find 30 a good balance of 5 slots and 200MP, in NG+ I wanted more MP though.
    * Endurance = starting amount, level as needed for yourself only for stamina for sword swings and equipment load
    * Strength = starting amount, can equip Adjudicator's Shield with under 14 strength
    * Dexterity = starting amount
    * Magic = 50
    * Faith = 50
    * Luck = starting amount


    * Get thief ring, defeat Phalanx, return to nexus, spend souls and die in nexus (use fall damage, no nexus world tendency so dying here doesn't matter).
    * Go to 4-1 (Island's Edge, starting few roly-polies are good for souls grinding) and get 3 items,
    * Crescent Falchion +1, use in RH1 until Large Sword of Moonlight.
    * Adjudicator's Shield, LH2 until you get Phosphorescent Pole.
    * Regenerator's Ring, don't attack the boss yet. Early game this shield and ring will replenish your health quickly.
    * Go to 3-1 (Prison of Hope), put down blue eye stone to get summoned into boss room, as you travel through the world (3-1 to 3-3) if it disappears then put it down again where you are, pray the host dies before they get to you to get Monk's Head Wrappings, once you have this stop.
    * Wooden Catalyst, use instead of Silver Catalyst until you get Talisman of Beasts.
    * Ring Of Magical Sharpness.
    * Silver Bracelet.
    * After Idol fight, kill yourself in the nexus and trade Doll Demon Soul to Sage Freke for Soul Ray, Soul Ray is good to burn down bosses faster then Soul Arrow.
    * Go to 3-2, get Ring of Avarice, kill 3-2 boss, go to nexus and kill yourself.
    * When you have the Monk's Head Wrappings, or ok to proceed without it, kill the 3-3 boss, don't kill yourself, there are pure white world stuff you can do here including trophy stuff, when you have it all now kill yourself here (anywhere in world 3) so you can start to turn the world black.
    * Go to 5-1 (Depraved Chasm), kill boss, go to world 3 and die.
    * Go to 5-2, get Large Sword of Moonlight, unlock large shortcut to boss but don't attack him yet.
    * Go to 2-1 (Smithing Grounds), Kris Blade, kill boss, go to world 3 and die.
    * Go to 2-2, kill boss, go to world 3 and die.
    * Go to 2-3, kill boss, go to world 3 and die.
    * In world 3, use Stone of Ephemeral Eyes to become human and die again until you get Pure Black World Tendency, note that after each death there reload the world by using the Archstone and teleporting back to where you are to refresh the image. Kill the Black Phantom to get Phosphorescent Pole and Primeval Demon for a Colourless Demon's Soul.
    * Continue as you like, die in world 2 next until you can kill the Black Phantom to get Talisman of Beasts and what you need to get the Colourless Demon Soul's.
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