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Poll: are you happy with April's PlayStation Plus games?

  • Posted on 05 April 21 at 05:57
    SolaceCreed said:
    SuperSavior said:
    SolaceCreed said:
    SuperSavior said:
    I don't like the fact that they're making Days Gone a ps plus monthly game, since it's already in the instant collection for PS5. On the other hand, that makes it an easy month to skip for me.
    I mean not everyone has a PS5, so for them it's pretty good. I'd already brought it the week it come out so that's why it isn't good for me.
    That's true, but I think most PS4 owners will get a PS5 at some point and then they'll have Days Gone from the monthly plus lineup and in the instant collection, so it would've been nice of Sony to add a game that isn't in the collection. But you're right about it not being a problem for most players right now.
    To me, this signals that they plan on changing the line up of the Colelction every now and then. So giving some free on Plus' monthly games, they can replace it on the collection.
    I hope you're right 🙂
  • Posted on 05 April 21 at 14:57
    The selection is good but I can't be happy since I own one of those games (Days Gone) and can't play another (Oddworld).
  • BillarghBillargh15,071
    Posted on 05 April 21 at 17:15
    Very happy, just for my PS5 the other day and just in time for a free Oddworld game!
  • Posted on 06 April 21 at 04:58
    Not too happy. Even Days Gone is a good game, it was already available in PS Now few months back. So I think last month PS+ was better.
  • Posted on 06 April 21 at 22:27
    No. Only game I care about is Soulstorm, but I don't own a PS5 = no games this month for me.
  • TinCannEdTinCannEd290,656
    Posted on 08 April 21 at 07:19
    FUnny how, this mont $ony (on PS+) & Micro$oft (on GamePass) both are giving Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Now if the online was cross-console........compute
  • MayadomeMayadome468,119
    Posted on 10 April 21 at 01:03
    Soulstorm is a very nice monthly game. I'm loving these day 1 releases (Bug Snax was great too). Day's Gone is a bit of a cop out though considering it's part of the PS+ collection.
    Feel The Ether
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