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Update: Hitman 3 players unable to transfer their Hitman 2 progress, IOI working on a fix

  • CanezzaCanezza71,181
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed313,594
    Posted on 20 January 21 at 17:54
    All these power hungry trophy hunters that want immediate gratification. I did a quarter of Spidet-man's campaign before transfering and still dod NG+ and Silver lining properly.
    Trying to catch my 6year Xbox total in half the time on PS.
  • GampxSGampxS192,366
    Posted on 21 January 21 at 17:13
    It is kinda annoying to repeat something which took me over 30 hours. I did Hitman 100% then while doing Hitman 2 100% I had to do Hitman 1 again 100%. I would give up doing all over again at Hitman 3 lol.
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