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Days Gone directors leave PlayStation's Bend Studios

  • Posted on 02 December 20 at 20:45
    Two senior creatives behind Bend Studio's Days Gone have officially departed the studio. Jeff Ross and John Garvin took to Twitter to make the announcement.

    Please click here to read the full story: Days Gone directors leave PlayStation's Bend Studios
  • Posted on 03 December 20 at 00:15, Edited on 03 December 20 at 00:29 by KGI_KlikoNL
    Jeff might, there are enough Companies in Chicago. Iron Galaxy (small Xbox/Playstation Developer), NetherRealm (owned by Warner, WB Games), Wargaming (known from World of Tanks/Ships), Giants Software has studio there (known from Farm Simulator), Jackbox Games and many other.

    Funny you can look up Job Offers on Google (Game Developer) in a cartain city laugh.
    Still not can get, that in 2 weeks no one reported the C word cursing at PSNprofiles, while guy did in many topics
  • NxtBigSmooveNxtBigSmoove138,632
    Posted on 03 December 20 at 04:26
    Xbox is a dumpster fire. And that is undeniable
  • NxtDocNxtDoc483,736
    Posted on 03 December 20 at 04:37
    Bend is a underrated studio. And Days Gone was a truly good game. I'm sure they will still do well. I look forward to Days Gone 2
    Xbox is damaging gaming. They embrace micro-transactions in their very few games. They are also support lowering the standard of a AAA games
  • Posted on 03 December 20 at 14:08
    Days Gone is pretty good - the story is captivating and the main character is almost believable - if you pass some bugs, that you are a one many army, that the PNJ don't do a thing and some incoherent points but it is too long. Or there is something off with the pace but from enjoying my rides in the forest I am getting very bored for doing the same thing. But this is the biggest problem of these open worlds.
  • Posted on 03 December 20 at 16:11
    This is a blow to Bend Studio (Days Gone is highly underrated) but I hope these two the best and that they continue their work in some other video game company. They've got some talent that would be sorely missed.
    “Dreams are important... never underestimate them.” -Fifth Doctor
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