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Try your luck with this Genshin Impact Wish simulator

  • PorthMinsterPorthMinster253,054
    Posted on 15 October 20 at 16:09
    Want to see how much you might have to spend to get lucky and pull Genshin Impact's rarest characters and gear? Give this a go and save your wallet from a world of hurt...

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  • LiquidCodeLiquidCode1,102,741
    Posted on 16 October 20 at 04:18, Edited on 16 October 20 at 04:18 by LiquidCode
    Im still trying to get Venti ingame. The first and only 5 star i got was Qiqi and that was only due to the pity system where i got her after 90 wishes. The only other decent character i have is Fischl which although is only a 4 star character is considered top tier at the moment. Id also be glad if i got Diluc as he is considered the best character for DPS atm but im not spending $2,500 to get him, in fact i havnt spent any real money so far, maybe I should as its a great game that is sort of addicting to play.
  • CraphexCraphex217,618
    Posted on 17 October 20 at 06:58
    I've pulled a few higher star characters but I like playing as the 4 story characters from the start. And I'm having no difficulty issues. So is it worth swapping them out then?
  • IcedXPhoenixIcedXPhoenix174,136
    Posted on 17 October 20 at 11:20
    Just had to laugh at the simulator when i pulled a Diluc on the 20 new player wishes haha
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