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WWE 2K Battlegrounds trophy list revealed

  • Posted on 16 September 20 at 11:32
    Wow. That's some list there.
  • PeeMcPeePeeMcPee286,251
    Posted on 16 September 20 at 15:21
    Aww no platinum? Boooo!
    Tree! Car! Road! Baby Jeeeeeesus!
  • Posted on 16 September 20 at 22:49
    Surprised (and disappointed) to see no platinum. I'll most likely play this one day but I'll wait until it's very cheap. I still have WWE 16,17 & 18 (not to mention 13 & 14) basically untouched.
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • Dodici-V12Dodici-V12177,072
    Posted on 18 September 20 at 14:30
    Anyone having trouble with their trophies popping yet? I swear I won three steel cage matches already and the trophy just won't pop!
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