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EU - Playstation Store Update, June 26, 2014

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  • Posted on 26 June 14 at 18:29, Edited on 26 June 14 at 18:31 by LianshiSaonji
    I was gonna go ahead and try to get Uncharted 1 and 2, but Festival of Blood for £3.99 is very tempting, I'll have to debate between the two.
    Will no doubt be Uncharted though, some lovely discounts here either way.
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  • Posted on 26 June 14 at 20:29
    Of course I finally caved and bought the Ratchet Trilogy a couple of weeks ago before it went on sale this week angryangryangry.
  • Posted on 27 June 14 at 01:50
    I'm kind of keen to check out That Trivia Game - I don't recall seeing it on the Aussie store but I will have another look shortly.

    Also, Treasures Of Montezuma: Arena is out now in Australia (as we didn't get it when it was released in Europe). Not sure if New Zealand now has it too, but Australia definitely does clap
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