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Trophies Not Syncing For Over A Year

  • Posted on 24 June 20 at 18:49Permalink
    I am currently playing through Assassin's Creed Odyssey and I want to get the platinum trophy, however my TT account is showing the last game I played was Kingdom Hearts 3 back in March of 2019.

    My privacy settings for 'Activity,' 'Trophies,' and 'Games' are marked for 'Anyone' and I've recently scanned my account from 'TT Scanner 6' after I changed my privacy settings and nothing changed.

    What should I do?
  • Posted on 25 June 20 at 10:09Permalink
    Oh no! I'm sad to hear it.
    But it looks like this has updated in the meantime as AC Odyssey is showing in your friend feed (although Journey from April is showing in the 'recent trophies', I guess that's because they all scanned at once?)

    Good luck on getting the platinum smile (and godspeed! dive )
    I never change, except in my affections.
  • Posted on 25 June 20 at 15:47Permalink
    Looks like someone ran a full update on his profile and it's working now. toast
  • Posted on 25 June 20 at 16:27Permalink
    Thank you friends! clap
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