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Former PlayStation exec believes current AAA model isn't sustainable going forward

  • mysticmoshmysticmosh630,328
    Posted on 27 June 20 at 08:39Permalink
    SolaceCreed said:
    mysticmosh said:
    I think the 'former' playstation boss is talking out of his arse if he thinks that future AAA games for the next gen may cost upwards of $300 million to make leading to a hike of roughly the same increase (double) for purchase of said games. £100 for a AAA 'base' game is never going to sell (and that's without the DLC/other half of the base game disguised as a season pass cost). Not many could afford such an outlay, myself included. Best thing to do with high cost AAA games is to sell lower in order to make more money by more copies being bought. Keep the price in the affordable bracket otherwise you lose your target audience.
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    I don't mind shorter games, however for me, this factors heavily into how much I'm prepared to fork out for it. I honestly don't feel that a game that's only going to last me 15hrs is worth my $AU100. In fact, I don't really feel that any game regardless of length is worth that much. Granted, we can usually get physical copies for $69-$79 day one, but even then I will not pay that much for a game I know will only last me a short amount of time. I got RDR2 day one for $69 - something I never do - but the 150hr or so I spent with it made it feel much more worth it to me. That was really a one-off instance for me though.

    My opinion probably doesn't much matter though, because I admit I'm a cheapskate, not only with games but in general. If I know I will be able to get a game for a fraction of the cost 2-3 years down the track then I will, regardless of length. But I'm still willing to pay a little more for a game that I know will last me longer. Honestly though, I rarely pay over $AU30, although I always try to buy new so then the developer still gets my money, even if it's not the maximum amount.

    I do think pricing needs to change though if triple AAA games were to be just 12-15hrs. But in the end it's up to the consumer what they're prepared to pay, which in turn will determine sales/profit margin/price point.
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