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Awesomenauts Series

  • Posted on 01 June 20 at 19:14Permalink
    [regarding Awesomenauts Series ]

    Sorry I'm on a run here, but just looking through my series. Awesomenauts Assemble is a PS4 port of the original PS3 game Awesomenauts (technically it's a PS4 port of the PC version, but that's just the PS3 version with continued support and updates).

    I would support that with the launch post on playstation blog where it closes with the lines "...After we launched Awesomenauts on console back in May 2012, we moved it over to PC, and we’ve been expanding on it ever since.

    Now, over a millions copies later, we’re happy to finally play the updated version from the couch again. All thanks to the amazing porting abilities of our friends at Abstraction Games, and of course, the power of PS4."

    I never change, except in my affections.
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