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Star Wars Battlefront 2 confirmed as June's second PS Plus title

  • CanezzaCanezza65,872
  • iDennis1992iDennis1992156,960
    Posted on 28 May 20 at 16:35Permalink
    Damn, a game that I already own :( the game is very fun and enjoyable tho, coop play is the way to go to reach rank 50 and unlock trophies
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed213,778
    Posted on 28 May 20 at 16:50Permalink
    Two games I'm not interested in, glad I don't really use Plus anymore.
    Trying to catch my 6year Xbox total in half the time on PS.
  • Posted on 29 May 20 at 05:03Permalink
    Not a Star Wars fan at all but it's FPS so I'll put this in the "maybe possibly down the track, but probably not, but maybe" pile laugh
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • Sol76Sol7627,946
    Posted on 30 May 20 at 01:56Permalink
    All in all , two very big titles this month. Very nice month even though I am not interested in downloading them at the moment.
  • HellsRavagerHellsRavager116,610
    Posted on 30 May 20 at 07:15Permalink
    I already own both titles on offer.. Oh well bound to happen sooner than later.
  • mysticmoshmysticmosh628,048
    Posted on 30 May 20 at 11:19Permalink
    I own WWII, but damn, what a good month!. Even if you're not interested you have to admit, these are two top titles.
  • Posted on 31 May 20 at 10:21, Edited on 31 May 20 at 10:21 by AnthragonVangorPermalink
    Just recently achieved platinum trophy in Battlefront II. The game is ok, I like the game modes and maps on Battlefront I more. But for those who want to play through all eras, it is ok.

    I hope that the player base will rise a little bit on Battlefront II. It seemed like I had days it was hard to get a full lobby (lot of queues). For new players grinding upgrade cards can be a pita in Battlefront, so I recommend playing with 3 friends on coop. Singleplayer/Story mode is easy for trophy hunters, as you can put the difficulty on easy if you want.

    Not sure if I am interested in WWII, not a big friend of FPS.
    So let it be written, so let it be done.
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