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Introducing Warboats - The Latest TrueTrophies Community Challenge

  • Posted on 21 June 20 at 23:23Permalink
    boldfox85 said:
    The next one will be GTTSC right?
    Maybe - but it's only a couple of weeks until Bean Dive time, and I'm wondering if they'll make that a community challenge this year for both sites. That might be an easy way to keep the challenges coming, but not have to really code anything new.
  • MayadomeMayadome405,860
    Posted on 22 June 20 at 22:14, Edited on 22 June 20 at 22:15 by MayadomePermalink
    In the future would it be possible to make challenges like these not specific to a trophy? For example you could have each location on the board correspond to a letter, that way we can go for any trophy with that letter. I just find it really tedious to grind out certain games because it wants that exact trophy (unless you're willing to very heavily curate your game collection for easy games).

    That also brings me to another point, the curation of the game collection makes it way too easy to exploit the challenge. You could put a bunch of easy 1 hour~ games and get the challenge done in a few hours which seems... unfair. Maybe you could make it that certain TT game ratios must be chosen to be accepted, although I'd imagine that might be a bit hard to implement. Or better yet... my earlier suggestion would remove the need to curate your collection for challenges altogether.

    Don't get me wrong the last few challenges have been lots of fun but they have been a bit tedious and unfair due to the new changes that have been implemented.
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