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    This event is an trophy-ized version of the board game we've all probably played at least once growing up - Battleship. The difference here is that we can't cheat and move the ships around after a few shots have been fired. Also, shots require a specific trophy being unlocked. Have I piqued your curiosity yet? Let's dig a bit deeper.

    This take on the event pits you against a 6 x 6 grid made up of trophies you need to earn from your game collection. You are able to choose from PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita or a combination of them - along with the usual 'started' or 'in game collection' criteria. This lets you focus on the platform(s) you want to.

    Hidden in the grid will be 3 boats. A Warboat which is 4 spaces long as well as a Submarine and a Cruiser which are each 3 spaces long. Boats are placed in the normal fashion, meaning they are either horizontally or vertically aligned. They can touch the walls and each other. Hitting all spaces a boat occupies will sink it. There is a leaderboard (for friendly nautical competition of course) that will track boats sunk, hits and in the case of ties, misses.

    There is a Community Challenge attached to this event. Your challenge, should you be daring enough to take to the seas to defend your gaming honor is... sink one enemy boat.

    To enter this contest, you need to have a minimum of 200 valid locked trophies across any number of games.

    Games count as valid if they are:
    - In your Game Collection with an ownership status of Owned, or PS Now
    - On the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita platforms (your choice)
    - Not completed

    Trophies count as valid if they are:
    - From games (not apps or challenges)
    - Not currently unlocked by you
    - Not from games you've set to Not for contests
    - Not from any DLC packs
    - From either only games you've started or all owned games in your collection (you decide)
    - Not flagged as Unobtainable or Discontinued
    - Not flagged as Time/Date
    - Not flagged as Buggy -
    - Not flagged as Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable
    - Not flagged as Time Consuming

    Trophies must be unlocked online.

    You are responsible for scanning in your unlocked trophies.

    If you checked the options that tell TT you subscribe to PS Now, please be aware that any games added to the program are automatically added to your Game Collection. This will occasionally include regional variants of games that are accessible thanks to those services. Be sure to check for those if you have no plan on playing them.

    There is a special page for tracking your event progress which is accessible from the event panel on your homepage. This page is where all the information regarding your shots will be. The grid will be here for ease of viewing and there is also a list that will populate (alongside or below depending on OS and browser) with your hits and misses. Red bombs will help denote hits on the grid, whereas blue water will help to show a miss.

    This event starts Thursday May 28th at 11AM UTC and will last for a period of 3 weeks.

    How do I register for this?
    Head on over to the event hub and click the register button. There are a few choices to make regarding where you want the trophies pulled from and then you're ready to go to war against your unwon trophies!

    Please make sure you have set any Owned games you do not want to play for this contest to "Not for contests" before registering - you cannot change your collection or target trophy list once you have registered

    How do I attack a square?
    The grid is made up of trophies. Hovering on a square will pop up a box with information (and more importantly, a link) to the trophy that you'll have to unlock to 'shoot' at that grid space. Clicking on that square will also open its trophy page in a new tab.

    How do I sink a boat?
    Hitting all spaces of a boat will sink it. 4 for the Warboat and 3 each for the Sub and Cruiser.

    Is there a reset?
    No, there is only the one grid. You have a month to battle it out against your collection in case any end game trophies are in the path to victory.

    Does the game start over once all 3 boats are sunk?
    No, you are just a superbly talented naval officer with a knack for unlocking trophies.

    I made a mistake with my game collection and a game I no longer own/want to play came up on my grid.
    Unfortunately, there is no way around this.

    Where is my event panel? It's not on my homepage...
    You may need to add that by heading to Customize Homepage and making sure contest panel is set to a color. Once it's there, you will see your progress and a link to a larger display of the event.
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