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Call of Duty: WWII is June's first PlayStation Plus title

  • iDennis1992iDennis1992156,936
    Posted on 26 May 20 at 12:50Permalink
    Spiderman would be dope!
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed213,294
    Posted on 26 May 20 at 16:08Permalink
    I still havent got the last trophy I need for Platinum for Spidey. This has just reminded me.
    Trying to catch my 6year Xbox total in half the time on PS.
  • Posted on 26 May 20 at 18:28Permalink
    I'd love to see more tentpole releases like Spider-Man. I still want to play games like Horizon and God of War, although honestly in the former case the DLC (not included) would probably cost more than buying the disc of the complete version.
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  • GampxSGampxS151,827
    Posted on 26 May 20 at 19:58Permalink
    Wow finally games worth something lol. I played both but I reckon many gamers who didnt will enjoy those!
  • Posted on 26 May 20 at 22:02Permalink
    While this would be a really decent lineup going by the quality, it's a really bad month for me as I already own and have played WWII (one of the only few games I've ever got on release), and Spider-Man doesn't interest me in the slightest. Oh well I guess it means I won't be adding to the already enormous backlog!
    Hope for the best but expect the worst.
  • Posted on 26 May 20 at 22:05Permalink
    If the Spiderman rumor is true, Xbox's lineup is a complete joke in comparison. And its a great month for me as I don't have either of these games.
    Posted on 27 May 20 at 01:04Permalink
    Very grateful for CODWWII and It would be awesome to get Spider-man. I have already completed it, but would like to do the DLC.
    Ain't nothing gonna stop me now but my innate inabilitry to progress cognacious thunk - Russell 'Rusty' Culyer
  • GybelleGybelle40,456
    Posted on 27 May 20 at 09:10Permalink
    Spiderman would be awesome! :D
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  • iXanoniXanon107,828
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