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Low Site Traffic?

  • Posted on 01 May 20 at 04:59
    So I was wondering, what's up with this site? I came from TA (account was made in '09 when I was early in High School) and even gave a shot to TrueSteam. For some reason, when I'm using this site a vast majority of the time I end up having to look up achievements on TA rather than using this site because....I guess nobody uses this site?

    I'm mostly just curious as the last post I saw discussing this was from 2018 so I'm wondering if it's more barren now then it was then.

    I started on TA when I played Xbox, switched to PC and thus used TrueSteam, but now with a mix of military and school going on decided I'd rather my PC not be a gaming box and be for school work. (thus the PS4)

    What're you guys' thoughts? What do you feel like makes this community less....Used. I can tell from the achievement percentages when looking at trophies on my console that people DO trophy hunt but....It's not seeming like they do so with this site for some reason. (Few walkthroughs, barren solutions for large games, never really seeing any sessions being made, etc.)
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