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Boosting Gaming Session for DRIVECLUB BIKES

  • Posted on 09 March 20 at 20:55Permalink
    NL-Retro-Gamer has created a new gaming session for the game DRIVECLUB BIKES.

    NL-Retro-Gamer said:
    This boosting session is made for the I'll Save That For Later trophy.
    If I'm not mistaken, two races are needed to get all 6 players the trophy.
    I am usually available between 20:00 and 24:00 (Dutch time), longer on weekends.

    I should be available most days until the 31st of March (when the server goes down)

    The session date can be changed depending on what suits all of you.

    I would appreciate it if you could join, thanks in advance.

    You can view the session details here:

    Boosting Gaming Session for DRIVECLUB BIKES
  • Posted on 11 March 20 at 16:48Permalink
    elite12309 has joined the session
  • elite12309elite12309134,176
    Posted on 11 March 20 at 16:49Permalink
    pretty flexible after March 15th
  • PostmortimusPostmortimus197,925
    Posted on 12 March 20 at 07:13Permalink
    You'll find more people on psnprofiles. The boosting community on here is fairly sparse.
  • Posted on 12 March 20 at 17:22Permalink
    CAE9872 has joined the session
  • CAE9872CAE987241,795
    Posted on 12 March 20 at 17:23Permalink
    Add me as I am also keen to get this one. FINALLY got the platinum for Driveclub! Pity about not having all the DLC for this but oh well...
  • Posted on 17 March 20 at 20:52Permalink
    Kinyo2-Z has joined the session
  • Posted on 24 March 20 at 05:53Permalink
    elite12309 has left the session.

    elite12309 said:
    Can't do March 31st anymore
  • elite12309elite12309134,176
    Posted on 24 March 20 at 05:54, Edited on 24 March 20 at 05:55 by elite12309Permalink
    If anyone is missing one player for a session. Just send me a PSN message and I'll try to help (I can't do March 31st)
  • Posted on 26 March 20 at 00:17Permalink
    LethalDazzle has joined the session
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