Game Discussion: GreedFall

Extreme trophy flags.

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed275,711
    Posted on 17 February 20 at 19:24
    Is it right that it is tagged as storyline? Technically it isn't it's just a difficulty related trophy.
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  • Posted on 18 February 20 at 18:03
    Presumably it's correct if the difficulty is available at start, as you're guaranteed to unlock it if you select the correct difficulty.
  • CMDR-ZCMDR-Z606,959
    Posted on 18 February 20 at 21:34
    What shadow said. If it's available as a difficulty from the beginning, it's considered main storyline. Sure you can not get it by playing on a lower difficulty, but it's there from the beginning. Selecting it will let you get it through natural progression.

    If it's unlocked once you beat the other game, or by other methods, then it's not.

    Feel free to submit flags for this game, whether to correct us, or to debate on some. This game was (for the most part) flagged when guides weren't available. So some might be incorrect.
  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed275,711
    Posted on 19 February 20 at 16:48
    Okay, thanks for the information. I wasn't too sure after reading the description of the flag or I was half asleep when I read it.
    When an Xbox breaks down a PS4 opens its doors.
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