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Sticky thread with unread posts How to use this forum & how series works.
by Shadow_Kisuragi
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on 13 Jan at 16:22
Thread with unread posts Rocketbirds
by GameOverComesAll
0 25 GameOverComesAll GameOverComesAll
on 13 Jun at 04:08
Thread with unread posts JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series
by Teh_Paralyzer
1 82 Shadow_Kisuragi Shadow_Kisuragi
on 11 May at 12:55
Thread with unread posts 007 James Bond series
by A_Tennis_Giraffe
2 130 A_Tennis_Giraffe A_Tennis_Giraffe
on 25 Mar at 23:22
Thread with unread posts Series with incorrect default games
by RadiantViper
2 183 RadiantViper RadiantViper
on 14 Jan at 00:52
Thread with unread posts Ys series
by Zedymieon77
2 529 Shadow_Kisuragi Shadow_Kisuragi
on 13 Jan at 16:35
Thread with unread posts Katamari and Shantae
by GameOverComesAll
on 13 Jan at 16:31
Thread with unread posts The Legend of Heroes: Kiseki series
by killivincent
3 474 Nomstuff Nomstuff
on 25 Jan 17 at 02:25
Thread with unread posts A number of series, and "mega series"
by Kinglink
2 576 BillyHorrible BillyHorrible
on 23 Sep 15 at 08:59