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Thread Boosting And Matchmaking
Forum for organising boosting sessions or online tournaments
4,754 5,064 Boosting Gaming Session for SoulCalibur V
by TrueTrophy today at 10:05
Thread Game Discussion
Forum to discuss specific games - ALL threads MUST be associated with a game This forum has 1773 sub-forums
2,185 2,187 Spellspire (Vita) trophies are now on the site
by TrueTrophy today at 12:36
Thread General Discussion
Want to talk Playstation, but not specifically about one console, or anything that would belong in the other forums? This is the place.
26 38 Re: Easy games to max out
by ACBlackJ0ck on 30 Apr at 12:52
Thread Playstation 3
Forum for Playstation 3 related things. No troubleshooting or specific game discussion threads here, though. There are forums for those.
12 189 Re: Deleting games on PS Card
by AnubisAsh on 04 May 16 at 06:50
Thread Playstation 4
Forum for Playstation 4 related things. No troubleshooting or specific game discussion threads here, though. There are forums for those.
28 35 Re: What is the next AAA game you are looking forward to the most?
by munchmagic1986 on 12 Apr at 17:12
Thread Playstation Help
Do you have a problem with your Playstation devices? Post it in here, and someone might be able to help you. Also always make sure to check your regional Playstation website, such as
17 17 Re: EU Playstation and account / purchase a US Title
by Twinkling82 on 25 Dec 16 at 00:50
Thread Playstation Home
Forum for all things Playstation Home.
1 9 Re: PlayStation Home is getting Retroactive Trophy Support today!
by MadCarbon on 15 Jun 14 at 13:13
Thread Playstation Legacy
Forum for all things PS1, PS2, and PSP.
2 15 Re: Looking to Play Old Exclusives
by IRoaruk on 01 Dec 15 at 08:43
Thread Playstation Minis & Mobile
Forum for all things Playstation Minis and Playstation Mobile.
1 1 Favorite Minis/Mobile Game so far?
by Shadow_Enz on 26 Aug 14 at 13:52
Thread Playstation Vita
Forum for Playstation Vita related things. No troubleshooting or specific game discussion threads here, though. There are forums for those.
13 121 Re: "Cannot connect to the server" - Error Code: NW-2513-1
by GAMERJET on 14 Dec 16 at 03:01
Thread The Bargain Bin
Forum for discussing where to pick up cheap deals
309 378 Re: List of Free Content V2
by Tiawyn yesterday at 17:22

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Thread Bean Dives
Forum to discuss your personal Bean Dives and site Bean Dive events
7 102 Re: Bean Dive 2016 - Discussion
by Fitzquaid on 20 Sep 16 at 19:11
Thread Bug Reports
Found something that doesn't work right? Let us know and we'll fix it
136 149 Re: Games with Trophy-issues
by Kornfan2007 yesterday at 09:18
Thread Community Events
Forum to discuss TrueAchievements Community Events
8 141 Re: Leap Frog 2015 - FAQ's
by chadandjessie on 12 Jan at 15:56
Thread Game Comparison
Forum for discussing new comparison features and posting up incorrect links and prices
0 0
Thread Game Info Submission
Board where Game Info Submissions are auto-posted. You cannot start threads in this board - please use the Game Info submission button under the Game Image on the Game Page This forum has 131 sub-forums
270 345 Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition (Vita) - Game Info submissions
by TrueTrophy yesterday at 22:14
Thread GamerCards
Forum to request new designs or changes to the GamerCard system This forum has 1 sub-forum
8 31 Re: Card background requests
by WebChimp on 11 Dec 15 at 15:15
Thread Pro Account Holders
Forum for Pro Account holders to give feedback on early access features.
3 19 Re: Can't add more unsubbed friends after turning pro
by Harris59 on 06 Jan at 23:52
Thread Series Discussion
Forum to discuss and propose game series ideas
4 7 Re: Kingdom Hearts
by Kornfan2007 on 05 May at 17:26
Thread Site Help
Got something you don't understand? Need to know how something works? Ask here and we'll do our best to help you
137 170 Re: Blog and Forum Command List
by AtsumaKarin on 06 May at 11:37
Thread Site Wishlist
Got some ideas about how to make the site better? Post them here
158 158 Site 2016 Leaderboards link on TA and TSA but not on here! :(
by AtsumaKarin on 01 May at 19:28
Thread Talk about TrueTrophies
General chat about all things TT
23 39 Re: Streak Questions
by dontVanek on 28 Jan at 04:12
Thread The TrueTrophies Podcast
Forum for discussing the TrueTrophies Podcast - show feedback and new ideas
39 198 Trophy Talk Podcast Episode 39 - Hitman 86ed
by ExtremePhobia today at 04:39
Thread Walkthroughs
Forum for discussing game walkthroughs This forum has 1 sub-forum
174 175 Re: Volunteer to write a walkthrough
by Prem-aka-Prince on 19 May at 22:02
Thread Welcome
Come and introduce yourself
56 99 Re: Where did you hear about TrueTrophies?
by Tiramisu94 on 20 May at 13:16

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Thread Community News
News for and about the commnunity. Only TT Newshounds can start threads here.
46 47 Re: Project CARS 2 Launches the First in its Built by Drivers Video Series
by Funderballs_007 on 22 May at 09:32
Thread Contests
Forum for contests run on TrueTrophies
18 19 Re: Paladins Champion Bomb King and Monarch Skin Giveaway (Xbox/PS4/PC)
by Pistola_de_plata on 04 May at 21:03
Thread Editorials and Features
Forum for Editorials and other News Features
164 286 Elliot Quest First Impressions
by OkayEA_Sports yesterday at 13:21
Thread Gaming News
All the latest Playstation and gaming news. Only TT Newshounds can post in this forum.
10,649 10,674 Horizon Zero Dawn Patch Details
by Xx_bRICKed_xX today at 13:23
Thread Industry News
News about the Industry itself, as opposed to a specific game. Only TT Newshounds can start threads here.
41 205 Re: Tom Holland Will Star as Nathan Drake in Upcoming Uncharted Movie
by Twinkling82 today at 08:37
Thread Site News
Forum to discuss TT news items. Only TrueTrophy can post here
100 144 Re: Join the Newshounds Team!
by Ruggles_Charles on 06 May at 09:10
Thread TrueTrophies Polls
Forum for our TrueTrophies Polls
58 505 Re: What did you think of Sony's E3 Press Conference?
by Super_Starlord on 21 Jun 16 at 11:47

Off Topic Forums

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Thread Creativity
Got some music or videos you want to post a link to? Pop it in here!
3 4 Created a youtube channel
by dexistheman on 15 Nov 16 at 16:18
Thread Film and TV
For discussions on upcoming films, films in general, TV shows and the like
6 10 Re: TV series you are watching!
by RustyKrieger on 09 May at 15:45
Thread Music
Forum to discuss your favourite bands, song and albums you like, etc
2 35 Re: Listening to... at the moment!
by SensoryEuphoria on 23 Mar 16 at 22:09
Thread Non-PlayStation Gaming
Forum for discussing any games that are not on the PlayStation
14 19 Re: recommend me sum good PS2/PS1 RPG/JRPG/Horror/Anime Games
by munchmagic1986 on 14 Feb at 01:45
Thread Random Chat
Threads containing a topic that encourages repeated posting of updated responses. This forum has 1 sub-forum
25 101 Re: Word Association Game
by GAMERJET on 10 Apr at 02:54
Thread Sports
Forum to discuss your teams, sporting events, etc
2 8 Re: Which one is your favorite team in football and basketball ?
by B-More84 on 18 Oct 16 at 20:19
Thread The Debating Chamber
Forum for intelligent debate on possibly controversial topics related to gaming
10 203 Re: Japanese Import Games
by TheDevilseyes69 on 25 Jan 16 at 03:35
Thread The Original Off Topic Board
Chat about anything you like!
11 14 Re: Videogame Study
by biff_beefcake on 31 Mar at 16:00

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