TrueTrophies FAQ

Welcome to TrueTrophies

With just a few clicks you have found yourself a brand new member of the TrueTrophy community – congratulations! You’re now on the road to discovering just how good a gamer you really are.

What on Earth are all these numbers?

We’re not going to lie to you, all those figures can seem a little daunting. But rest assured we wouldn’t go to all this effort just because they look pretty, the data will give you a better appreciation of your skills and add to your enjoyment of both TrueTrophies and your PlayStation games in general. And, of course, you can glance at your friends list and luxuriate in your superiority as you crush all before you.

So then, let’s take a look at the basics and take the first step towards gaming godhood...

Sony's Trophy Scores and Levels

You’ve probably been doing this gaming lark for a while so you know trophies come in 4 flavours. Of course you do, you’ve come here because you’re ready to cast out the mundane and start testing yourself against the harshest of criteria. But in the interests of clarity, Sony grades your performance with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards. PSN has given each of these trophy types an XP score:

Bronze Trophy Bronze - 15 XPSilver Trophy Silver - 30 XPGold Trophy Gold - 90 XPPlatinum Trophy Platinum - 180 XP

Your level on the PlayStation network is determined by adding up all the XP scores for the trophies you have won, and then comparing them to this depressingly simple table:

PSN LevelXP NeededPSN LevelXP NeededPSN LevelXP Needed
10 - 20064,000 - 6,0001114,000 - 16,000
2200 - 60076,000 - 8,0001216,000 - 24,000
3600 - 1,20088,000 - 10,0001324,000 - 32,000
41,200 - 2,400910,000 - 12,0001432,000 - 40,000
52,400 - 4,0001012,000 - 14,0001540,000 - 48,000

from there, each level from 15 to 100 is another 8,000 points. Of course, you don't see all this on your PlayStation, you just see your level and the number of trophies you have of each type.

The TrueTrophies Scoring System

Here at TrueTrophies we believe that the harder a trophy is to earn the more points and kudos you should be handed when you best it. To that end, we’ve come up with a rather elegant formula that adjusts these trophy scores by their rarity.

The scarcity of any given trophy is determined by comparing the number of people who have gained the award to the number of people that have played the game in question.

The smaller the percentage of people that have the trophy, the bigger the Trophy multiplier for that trophy (this multiplier is known as the TrueTrophy Ratio).

See, it’s really not that complicated is it? And, quite clearly, a much truer assessment of your performance.

An Example from LittleBigPlanet

Bronze Trophy

Treasure Hunter29 (15)

Collect 75% of the prize bubbles on the story levels

  • Unlocked by 5,426 tracked gamers (26% - TT Ratio = 1.94) 20,673  

In this example we can see that 5,426 TT gamers have won the trophy out of 20,673 that have played the game. That's quite a low percentage (26%) which suggests it reasonably hard to unlock, and it therefore has quite a high TT Ratio (1.94).

We then take the base XP score for the Bronze Trophy (15) and multiply it by the TT ratio to give us a TrueTrophy score of 29 - which is much fairer I'm sure you'll agree!

And it's a simple as that!

TrueTrophy Scores and Levels

Hang on, we’re not quite finished with you.

Add up all the TrueTrophy scores for the trophies in the game and you get the TrueTrophy score for that game. Add up all the TrueTrophy scores for the Trophies a gamer has won and you get their TrueTrophy score! And finally, check their TrueTrophy score against the PSN Level scores to get their TrueTrophy Level!