Leap Frog 2022

Leap Frog 2022

Welcome to the TrueTrophies Leap Frog 2022 Contest Hub!!!

The goal of a Leap Frog contest is simple; earn a trophy with the required TrueTrophy score before the 24-hour period expires. Failure to earn a trophy with the required TT score within the 24-hour period will result in elimination from the contest.

The TT score for the required trophy starts at five (5) for the first 24-hour period and increases by five (5) for each subsequent 24-hour period.

The contest ends when only one participant has met the required TT score and all other participants have been turned into frog legs eliminated.

The winner will win one week of TrueTrophies Pro for every day they survive in the contest.

The Leap Frog 2022 Contest starts October 3rd, 2022 at 12:00 UTC+0.

Earn or add to your Community Challenge badge by surviving for at least 15 days (make 14 leaps.)

To find out more about the event, please read the Leap Frog 2022 Event FAQ.

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Leap Frog 2022 Eliminations
Mon 28 Nov1
Sat 26 Nov1
Fri 25 Nov1
Wed 23 Nov1
Mon 21 Nov1
Sun 20 Nov1
Thu 17 Nov1
Wed 16 Nov2
Tue 15 Nov1
Mon 14 Nov4
Sun 13 Nov1
Fri 11 Nov3
Mon 07 Nov2
Sun 06 Nov1
Sat 05 Nov1
Fri 04 Nov2
Thu 03 Nov5
Wed 02 Nov1
Tue 01 Nov2
Mon 31 Oct2
Sun 30 Oct1
Sat 29 Oct3
Thu 27 Oct4
Wed 26 Oct5
Tue 25 Oct4
Mon 24 Oct4
Sun 23 Oct4
Sat 22 Oct2
Fri 21 Oct6
Thu 20 Oct12
Wed 19 Oct11
Tue 18 Oct16
Mon 17 Oct2
Sun 16 Oct2
Sat 15 Oct3
Fri 14 Oct1
Thu 13 Oct5
Wed 12 Oct3
Tue 11 Oct1
Mon 10 Oct8
Sun 09 Oct4
Sat 08 Oct15
Fri 07 Oct19
Thu 06 Oct15
Wed 05 Oct17
Tue 04 Oct30
Mon 03 Oct96
Total eliminated: 327
Total remaining: 23