Bean Dive 2019

Bean Dive 2019

After a long break, we're reviving the Annual International Bean Diving event for TrueTrophies!

Here you'll be able to find and view the latest news pertaining to Bean Dives, get all your Bean Diving questions answered and compare your stats with other Bean Divers. Officially Bean Diving Day is July 7th, but this event will run a total of 10 days; starting at midday UTC on July 12th and ending at midday UTC on July 22nd.

To start your Bean Dive all you have to do is hit the Start my Dive button. Once you're done with your Dive for the Event, push the Finish my Dive button and all stats will be calculated and displayed.

While the goal of Bean Diving is to drop your completion % as much as possible by adding one and ONLY one trophy per game onto your gamer card, if more than one trophy is earned, it will still count as part of your dive.

This event has now finished.

To find out more about the event, please read the Bean Dive 2019 Event FAQ.

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