Twelve Days of Christmas

Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge!

Every day, from 1st December to 12th December, we will reveal a new trophy or game-related challenge for you to complete.

You need to complete each challenge, in order, by the end of December to earn a new Community Challenge badge rank.

Good luck!


Twelve Days of Christmas Information and Latest Posts

One Game CompletionOne Game Completion
Challenge 1
One Game Completion
You need to complete the base trophy list in a single game. This can be a game you have previously started
Two Versus TrophiesTwo Versus Trophies
Challenge 2
Two Versus Trophies
You need to unlock two trophies with a versus flag
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Three 3.0 Ratio TrophiesThree 3.0 Ratio Trophies
Challenge 3
Three 3.0 Ratio Trophies
You need to unlock three trophies with a ratio of at least 3.0
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Four Letters of NOELFour Letters of NOEL
Challenge 4
Four Letters of NOEL
You need to unlock trophies starting with N, O, E and L in order
Five Gold TrophiesFive Gold Trophies
Challenge 5
Five Gold Trophies
You need to unlock five gold trophies
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Six Single Player TrophiesSix Single Player Trophies
Challenge 6
Six Single Player Trophies
You need to unlock six trophies with a single player flag
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Seven Trophies in Different GamesSeven Trophies in Different Games
Challenge 7
Seven Trophies in Different Games
You need to unlock seven trophies, each one from a different game
Eight Cooperative TrophiesEight Cooperative Trophies
Challenge 8
Eight Cooperative Trophies
You need to unlock eight trophies with a cooperative flag
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Nine Action-Adventure TrophiesNine Action-Adventure Trophies
Challenge 9
Nine Action-Adventure Trophies
You need to unlock nine trophies in Action-Adventure games
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Ten Bronze TrophiesTen Bronze Trophies
Challenge 10
Ten Bronze Trophies
You need to unlock ten bronze trophies
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Eleven Main Storyline Trophies
Eleven Main Storyline Trophies
Challenge 11
Eleven Main Storyline Trophies
You need to unlock eleven trophies with a main storyline flag
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Twelve Trophy Leap FrogTwelve Trophy Leap Frog
Challenge 12
Twelve Trophy Leap Frog
You need to unlock twelve trophies, each with a higher ratio and in a different game than the last